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Modern Life Scenario

Today’s a busy life…

Rapidly changing lifestyle is badly affecting our natural life. We are getting away from nature by removing trees and constructing tall buildings. We are burning fossil fuels rapidly for manufacturing, transportation, and a lot of other facilities. Although these factors have made our life much more comfortable and fast, meanwhile making a deficiency in fresh and clean air. The deficiency of fresh air is one of the causes of some major diseases especially respiratory diseases.


How to Enjoy Your Weekend

Is it ok to spend your weekend in your study room or the lounge? Is it just to take a rest? Don’t you need to take a recreational tour? Don’t you need fresh air and natural beauty to freshen your mind? Definitely, you need it.

Let’s go fishing

Fishing is one of the most liked hobbies to spend a happy and refreshing weekend. You can spend your weekend on the bank of a canal or a river. You can plan it with your family, friends or colleagues.

Why fishing

Fishing is considered an excellent hobby as a number of mind-refreshing activities are involved in it. Travelling, camping, cooking, outing, boating, etc. are part of fishing.

What is fishing?

Fishing is the procedure adopted to catch live fish out of the water by some legal means. People use different methods of fishing depending on their region, tradition, type of water, weather conditions, type of fish available, type of readily available baits, and many more factors.


You can get a yearly license from the Fisheries department of your country/region/state. There can also be a daily fishing ticket in some regions.

How much investment do I need to start fishing?

You can start it with a budget as low as $2 to arrange basic fishing tackle and can spend up to $50 for advanced-level equipment. Basic fishing tackle includes an appropriate length of suitable fishing line, some fishing hooks, and bait to attract fish.

Where to go fishing?

Explore the map and find a nearby river, canal, lake, stream, or any public water that lies within the limits of your license. You can get information from local fishermen about good fishing spots in your area.

Which is a suitable fishing season?

There is not a hard and tough line before and after the fishing season. The fishing season can expand and contract depending on many factors like an early start of summer, unexpected rainy season, abrupt changes in water level, etc.  This may vary from region to region depending upon the weather conditions. Too cold regions have their spring and summer best suited for fishing. While in moderate and warm countries autumn and winter is considered best for this hobby.

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